Reading is my refuge.

Reading is a physical act. I think a lot about eBooks and the kind of reading experience they offer. I’ve written a bit about the Kindle and how I love reading with it. For me, the Kindle has a similar, but slightly different, talismanic effect as a print book. Critics of eBooks are quick to claim that eReading destroys the physicality of reading and that eReading is not really reading because the text is discorporeal. They miss a major part of the joy of reading. The book itself is only a part of the physical act of reading. The other, to me, equally important part is location. Where I read a book often informs how I read a book and how I receive it.

I started thinking of the importance of place for reading after seeing these 17 pictures of gorgeous reading nooks. These spaces are intimate, personal spaces designed to encapsulate a single person in their own thoughts.

Life is tedious, stressful and noisy. I read for escape. Here’s my reading refuge:

my reading nook

My home office is one of my favorite places to read.

Where do you most love to read? I’d love to see pictures of your favorite reading spots.

2 thoughts on “Reading is my refuge.

  1. I read anywhere and everywhere. I don’t have a specific spot for it but there are a few places I go on nice days to escape the world for a while. I have a favourite park that is right in the middle of downtown but is like a little sanctuary. I also like going down to the lake front, finding a nice quiet spot and curling up on the grass with a book while the water laps gently.


    • I love reading outside. Walt Whitman said outdoors was the only place worth reading. Hope you keep finding tranquil places. I’ve been following your posts. You can do it. Hang in there!


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