Do the thing that scares you

My daughter started kindergarten today. She has been looking forward to this for months. She is ready. She can count to 1oo plus. She reads a little. She writes her name, my name and her mom’s name. She knows her address and phone number. She can dress herself, get her own breakfast and operate the TV remote.

Still, she had a moment of doubt. When entering the school this morning, she told her mom, “Let’s just wait and start kindergarten tomorrow.”

Michelle is terrific in moments like these and encouraged Emersey, reminding her that she was ready and, besides, they were already there.

Kindergarten is a huge rite of passage. I don’t remember what it was like for me when I started kindergarten. Maybe Emersey won’t remember, either.

But I will remember today. Kindergarten is a huge rite of passage for parents and an important reminder for me. Keep moving forward. Do the thing that scares you even if you aren’t sure you are ready. Do the thing that scares you especially if you aren’t sure you are ready. Keep moving forward. You are probably there already.

Paging Dr. Jung. Is Dr. Jung in the house?

This morning I woke up from a dream in which I was crawling between two enormous rocks. The crevice between them was just barely big enough for me to squeeze through.

At the end of the crevice stood a tall tree. Once through the rocks, there was no where for me to go but up. So I climb the impossibly tall tree until I found myself stranded on the highest, most precarious branch with no good way down.

If you listen, your dreams can tell you a lot. Mine are not usually quite so straightforwardly metaphorical.