***SPOILER ALERT!*** The iPad3 does not cure cancer.

Apple announced the new iPad (3rd generation) today. We are all very disappointed to learn that it does not cure cancer. Nor does it restore sight to the blind, heal the lame or help you detect rifts in the space-time continuum. Even worse, there’s no iOS6, which was rumored to be able to establish world peace and end world hunger.

What the iPad does bring is a better screen resolution, faster processor and a violation of the normal naming scheme.

Okay, everybody take breath. Sometimes change is revolutionary. Sometimes we just improve the window blinds. If everything Apple does feels revolutionary, then we are all doing something wrong.

Despite the mocking tone, I am happy to see the new iPad generation arrive. It gets us past March 7, 2012 so we can start looking forward to the March 2013 release of iPad4!