What’s White Privilege?

For much of today I kept one eye on the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica debacle. I had planned to write tonight about Facebook, how my use of the platform has changed and rules for putting social media into its proper place.

For my morning commute, I listened to a podcast speculate at length about whether or not the president is about to fire Robert Mueller. It was decided that the president appears more likely to fire Mueller than he was a few weeks ago but is still not very likely to fire Mueller after all unless he actually does. The rest of the podcast was devoted to what would happen if the president did, after all, fire Mueller.

I glanced at headlines about another school shooting, this time in Great Falls, Maryland.

This all happened today. But for the most part, I was thinking about Facebook/Cambridge Analytica and my social media hot take.

Meanwhile, people of color in Austin, Texas are finding bombs on their front porch. They are stepping on trip wires. Boxes are exploding on Fed Ex conveyor belts. It was almost eight o’clock before I heard about the most recent explosion and really thought about it.

That’s white privilege.

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