Evolution of a curious mind

I’ve been thinking a lot about this blog space. Thinking but not actually posting. When I started posting here in 2010, I thought I would reflect mostly on technology and the ways in which technologies, especially information technologies, shape my daily life. That was the idea behind the title. Ubiquitous because the technologies go everywhere with us. Quotidian because the most interesting effects are seen in the smallest corners of daily life.

I’ve written a bit on that theme, but I’ve also reached out into parenting, librarianship, leadership and higher education. Looking back over my most recent posts, it is a bevy of flash fiction punctuated by hot, bright flashes of political angst.

The point is that the blog has changed as I have changed. I’ve been frustrated and angry and depressed. I’ve been inspired and challenged and motivated. I’m not the same person who started this blog. I’m different. Not necessarily better, but maybe deeper. I know my interests are deeper. My anger is deeper. My joy is deeper.

The blog needs a new look and a new direction. So, I’m going to figure that out. You’ll bear with me, I hope. I’m one of those people who has to figure things out aloud in public.

The blog is still Ubiquitous. Quotidian. That is my motto. Reminding myself to pay closer attention to the everywhere and the everyday.

The byline has changed: “The evolution of a curious mind.” I’ll try to make a place where I can come to grips with the things that most interest me. This will be the place where I work out ideas and learn about my own learning.

It has always been good to have you reading along with me, making from these pages a weird, brave space.

I got lost for a little while. Like everybody else, I’m still trying to find my way.

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