To Bring You My Love (section 2)

Continued writing on the piece of flash fiction posted last night. I’ve decided to try posting the first draft of this story in public as nightly installments. Mostly just an easy way to keep accountability. It may or may not be good writing but you will know at least whether I am moving the words forward. You will know if I keep at it and finish.


Sebastian’s first hours on Earth as a Fallen were hellish and brutal. His body was bruised and sore from the grasp of so many rude hands, his bones splintered from the landing. The earth pulled at him with gravity like a hunger, oppressive and entire. Wrapping him in a jacket of iron and pressing him low. Sebastian had been to earth many times before but never before had the pull of gravity felt so much like shackles. Never had he felt so oppressed by the dirt and dust which seemed to pervade everything. It was in his eyes, his nose, lining his throat. He coughed and coughed but could not expel the heavy meal of it from his tongue.

The place he had fallen was in a clearing the middle of some farm acreage. He lay among cow pies and overthick grass crawling with all manner of bugs, not far from a rustling brook, away from the curious eyes of mortals.  He lay a long time. The sun sank, rose and was settling again before he made his first honest efforts to get up. Sebastian pushed himself forward on his elbows, grimacing at the way his bones and gristle seemed to grind under the effort.

He struggled but, after a time, managed to stand on his feet. He was Fallen but still his body was a marvel of efficient repair. The ragged stumps where his wings had been, ached but were already starting to heal. It was, he knew, time to stand on his feet, let his boots kiss dirt and make his slow way into the city where Lana waited.

The noise and confusion of this place surprised him more than anything else. Sebastian stood in the middle of the cow field, transfixed and bewildered by the sheer confusion of the place. In times before, finding Lana was an easy thing. He simply took to the sky, flying at the edge of people’s attention but always watchful, always noticing her. Where she was. What she was wearing. Where she was headed.

And now, his feet affixed to the dirt, he couldn’t tell which way to go. Anyway was pretty much as good as any other. He was lost.

And yet, after a few minutes, as the sky darkened, he noticed the lights of the city playing ahead. Noticed the long, snaking line of taillights all snaking in the same direction. That had to be it. That had to be the way.

Sebastian started to walk.

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