A Word of Thanks

I just want to take a quick moment to say thank you. Last week, Ubiquitous Quotidian had more visits and more new followers than any week since I started this blog in December 2010. I appreciate the visits, the comments and the likes. Each is a kind of affirmation. I am grateful.

I write because I need to. There are so many words trapped inside me, they would spill out over everything else if I didn’t release them somewhere. There are stories in there, entire lives that do not belong to me. I am a poor custodian of these lives and stories. I cannot do them justice. I cannot get them into the light fast enough.

The work of writing is solitary. I fear the isolation of putting words down, setting them aside, letting them slowly accumulate like snowfall over night. I want to get these things born, drag them into the world where they can be seen and can belong to someone besides me.

For me, the blog is an intermediate space. A place to work with ideas in public and hear my own thoughts spoken aloud. There is much about writing that needs to be private, that should not be shared before it is time. I appreciate having a space that we can share, you and I, where can put those other things until it is time.

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