The People You Cannot Help

There is someone in your life you cannot help. It may be a parent or a spouse, a child or a grandparent. You may love them with your whole heart, and they do not reciprocate. You may treat them with kindness which they repay with selfish demands. These people are never happy.

These people will take everything you can give and then ask why you never offer what they need.

They will eat the full meal of your generosity and complain that it is not enough. It is never enough.

These people will never admit fault but are quick to relish every small disappointment.

These people will kill you. Don’t let them.

Do the small kindnesses where you are able. Do the things that are needed and let that be enough. Speak with patience. Know when to hold your chair and when to leave the room.

Recognize that you cannot change people or make people happy or bring people into the light against their will. Recognize that some people choose to stay inside their own darkness.

Be kind to yourself and generous with your spirit, but recognize that you cannot rescue these people.

There is someone in your life you cannot help. Do not let them pull you into darkness. If you must love them, love them, but do not let them take your light.

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