Less time managing time = more time getting things done

I’m that guy who believes there is some secret trick or some special technology waiting just around the corner that will unleash my full ability to work smarter, faster and better. I follow blogs about productivity and tweet using the #productivity hashtag. That’s right. I’m that guy.

That’s why, from time to time, I require simple, straightforward reminders like this one from Anthony Iannarino at The Sales Blog. Managing time isn’t hard. We all manage our time. We manage our time according to our priorities. Getting our priorities to line up with our best interests more difficult. That’s called managing yourself. When you manage your priorities well, time is not really a problem.

5 thoughts on “Less time managing time = more time getting things done

    • My first time reading that particular blog. I find myself getting very fascinated by the idea of paring down those things that don’t align with my real goals. Someone mentioned the idea of a Stop Doing List. It is a beautiful idea. Less busyness, more focus.


      • It’s worth subscribing to the RSS feed. While it’s, obviously, aimed at professional sales, from my perspective it’s usually really about effective communication.


  1. This is very true and I’ve really seen strong examples of the priority versus time dilemma. Now when I hear someone complain about not having enough time (even myself) I know to first look for a priority problem. We all have the same hours in a day..


    • Thanks, Stephanie. I feel like I am just now understanding the importance of having the right focus.
      For a long time, I have worked as if there is a prize for doing the most things. As a result, I often find myself skating across the surface of the things I care most about. Much better to maximize the time I spend with those things and build contributions that last.


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