Things Fall Apart. Be Brave. (A Meditation)

I am one of those people who needs to constantly reinvent and try new things. I am a project-minded person and think of my projects in terms of building the future. I often find it easy to be brave when building new things.

Less easy for me to be brave when the things I build fall apart. It is the nature of things, once built, to eventually fall apart. This is dharma. This is the reality of things.

The truth is Things are in a constant state of becoming what they will be. Building them is only part of the becoming. The future doesn’t only happen when we build. More often, the future arises when things fall apart. If we are ready, there is tremendous room for surprise and creative action when things fall apart. 

Letting things fall apart requires courage. Be brave. We don’t only build things. We sometimes have to let them come apart. 

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