Where I Get New Music

This is going to be one of those posts where I gush a bit about how much I love my iPad and how it makes me better, faster and smarter. Actually, I just want to post a quick word about two of my most favorite iOS apps: Aweditorium and Vodio.  Both have become my go-to apps to discover new music.

Aweditorium is a simple, straightforward indie music discovery app. The display is set up as an image grid. Each box is a interesting photo of a band I’ve never heard of. You tap somewhere on the screen and start listening. It’s a bit like Pop-Up Video on VH1. While the song is playing, factoid bubbles pop up with random info about the band, their sound and new projects. You can favorite the tracks you like and share to Facebook and Twitter. I tweet mine so I can have an iTunes shopping list outside the app. Hope this doesn’t get on people’s nerves.

Vodio is a more recent discovery. It is basically a curated collection of videos that I am likely to enjoy based on my Google, Facebook and Twitter feed profiles. Pretty much like Zite for video. Vodio offers more than just music — news, comedy, politics, tech updates. I pretty much just go in for the music. It is a good way to see the stuff I’m not watching on YouTube because I hate browsing video on YouTube. Like Zite, Vodio seems to get smarter about my tastes as I rate videos (thumbs up, thumbs down) along the way. Found this video by First Aid Kit on Vodio. Love it. Also discovered Die Antwoord on Vodio. Not sure I’m an actual fan but they get in my head and require listening.

There’s lots of other ways to find new music: podcasts; social radio stations; Pandora, Last.fm. I’ve got my ears wide open. Where do you find your new music?

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