The trouble with iStuff

A few days ago, I wrote about my quite quotidian problem with iOS5. “My iOS5 Dilemna” was my most read to date, but I feel little embarrassed by it. I was already feeling embarrassed while I was writing it.

The word dilemna sounds like I can’t figure out how to solve this fairly mundane problem. I am grateful to my several friends who helpfully pointed out that I might resolve this entire situation with a second, bigger external hard drive. This is good, practical advice and I am grateful for their product recommendations.

As usual, my friend Daryl knew what I was writing about even before I did. Daryl pointed out that the trouble with iStuff is the need to sync them to a “real computer”. That’s what it comes down to. I love my iStuff: iPod, iPhone, iPad. I don’t mind playing around with iTunes and shoving files around from device to device.

I just don’t like having to maintain my laptop. Upgrading software, backing things up. There’s the weak link with iStuff. My iPod, iPhone and iPad are only as useful as my ability to keep my “real computer” up-to-date and performing well.

Writing and syncing my iStuff are pretty much the only two things I do with my laptop these days. Still, when my laptop runs up against a performance wall, my iStuff suffers.

That’s annoying.


1 thought on “The trouble with iStuff

  1. Some day the cloud will solve all this (along with bringing other problems). If anyone can figure out how to make it work seamlessly.

    Speaking of which, have you looked into Amazon Cloud Drive/Player for your music? I just looked and they are apparently running a special now that gives you unlimited music storage with any “paid” plan, the cheapest of which is $20/year. I put “paid” in quotes because I have a paid plan even though I’ve never paid for one because they used to give the 20GB plan away for free with any MP3 purchase.


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