Hello Qwikster. Goodbye Qwikster.

Very glad to see today’s Netflix announcement that the company will not be splitting the DVD-by-mail and streaming services into two separate companies.

First, because I can’t spell Qwikster. It took me four tries just to type the title of this post.

Second, because I don’t want to be exposed as a hypocrite for having blogged about my impending defection and then being forced to admit that I didn’t actually follow through on that defection.

So here’s the big thing I’m wondering: Why the hell do I care about this so much? There are far more important things happening right now that actually affect people’s lives in much more significant ways. Right now, people are protesting government/corporate corruption in cities all over the country. I’m not there marching with them. I’m here, blogging about Netflix and feeling relieved that a small but undeniable crises has been averted.

Have I become one of the people I worry so much about? Am I now actually the person who cares more about my personal entertainment options than civil affairs and participatory governance? Have I already amused myself to death?

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