Why Ubiquitous? Why Quotidian?

I think best by talking outloud and writing things down. This blog is mostly my effort to sort through my own ideas and impressions about the role mobile internet access is having on my life. Mostly personal observations and musings on articles of interest.

There are two things you need to know about me: I’m an academic librarian. I’m a dad.

The librarian thing is important because my profession is sitting right in the middle of this innovative flux. After decades of relative stasis, librarians find ourselves reinventing what it means to be a librarian and constantly innovating new ways to get resources like eJournals, eBooks and eMedia to our patrons alongside print journals, print books and physical media. This challenge is tremendously exciting.

The dad thing is important because I think a lot about the future. My daughter is 4. I think about how much things have changed just in the past 10 years and can’t begin to fathom what my daughter’s adult life will look like. What will be her routines? What will she value? What will she think we screwed up?

There’s a lot at stake, so there’s no choice but to deal with it.

So, the title.

Why Ubiquitious?

Because the internet is everywhere. The most significant thing happening right now in mobile internet technology is the fact that you can carry the internet with you everywhere you go. I am always connected if I want to be. Through my phone, through my iPad, through any of the 4 or 5 different computers I use on a routine basis. This ability to connect has profound potential.

Why Quotidian?

Because lives are lived in the everyday. Small things, when well-observed, can reveal a lot about large things. My thought is that this blog can help me capture some of the everyday aspects of ubiquitous internet connection and how it opens new avenues in my own life for creative expression, idea sharing and community building. If I am honest enough, I will also admit that ubiquitous connection can create opportunities for anxiety, stress and existential dread. Fun stuff.

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